The Oak Tree and My Autism Journey: A Tale of Endurance, Strength, Wisdom, and Protection

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November 3, 2023
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A long time ago, once along the quiet edges of my infant school playground, I came across an Oak Tree. Its towering presence and sturdy branches made quite an impression on me, even at a young age. Little did I know then that, years later, this encounter with an Oak Tree would come to symbolise so much of my journey as someone on the autism spectrum.

Majestic Oak Tree on the Horizon - Symbolizing Strength, Endurance, and Natural BeautyPin

This blog post is another opportunity for me to express myself and explore my growing interest in language and my deepening relationship with it, including metaphors, all while delving into the world of trees that have always fascinated me. The Oak Tree, in particular, has captured my imagination, and I'm excited to share what it symbolises and how it relates to my personal evolution on the autism spectrum.


In nature, the Oak Tree is a symbol of endurance, standing tall and unwavering through seasons of change and adversity. It reminds me of the early days of my autism journey when I faced loneliness and the difficulty of trying to fit in, and of the challenges I continue to face and overcome. I longed for meaningful friendships, hoping that one day, like the Oak Tree, I would find my place and thrive.

Just as the Oak Tree endures the elements, I've persevered on my journey, including the time it took to build up website visits and page views.

Starting my website and podcast has been a labour of love, and, just like the Oak Tree, it’s requiring patience and endurance. The early days were marked by modest website visits and page views, and my podcast downloads were slow to climb. However, I'm learning that progress often takes time. Just as the Oak Tree holds steadfast through seasons, I too am holding onto hope that my podcast downloads will continue to grow over time.  I hope to keep doing it not for the present generations, but for future one’s as well.


Just as the Oak Tree's roots delve deep into the earth, my experiences with autism have led me to discover my own inner strength. The challenges I faced may have been different, but they were no less daunting. From language development delays to social interactions, I found the power to overcome these obstacles, just as the Oak Tree stands strong against the forces of nature.

Through these challenges, I've cultivated resilience, which has given me the confidence to progress and develop further, giving me hope for my future. Just as the Oak Tree stands strong against the forces of nature, I, too, have found the determination to grow and thrive.

A story of wisdom acquired over years, a wealth of knowledge stored in its sturdy frame, and the protection it offers to those who seek refuge beneath its branchesPin


Over time, the Oak Tree gathers wisdom from its surroundings, much like how I have gained insights from navigating the complex world of social interactions. The knowledge I've acquired, especially regarding my language development and understanding of idioms, is something I'm eager to share. It's the wisdom gained through experience and the willingness to help others on a similar path that keeps me going.


In the shelter of an Oak Tree's branches, I can find solace. Just as the Oak Tree provides protection against the elements, I've sought protection from those who would judge me as different. I've written about some experiences when encountering bullying and how having people who are willing to stand up against bullying behaviours can make a world of difference.


My journey on the autism spectrum is linked to some of the things symbolised by the Oak Tree: endurance, strength, wisdom, and protection. It reminds me that, like the mighty Oak, I have the capacity to withstand life's challenges and emerge stronger. My hope is that by sharing my story, I can provide comfort and inspiration to others on similar paths, helping them find their own sources of strength and inspiration.

My journey has also encompassed mastering reading and writing in my own unique ways, which I've shared in a link in the additional content section at the end of this post. This aspect of my development serves as another testament to the strength and adaptability I've gained along the way.

Thank you for joining me on this journey under the Oak Tree. May you too find the endurance, strength, wisdom, and protection you need to face life's challenges.

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