All employment I have been involved in years gone by have been in data processing roles. A third redundancy forced me into taking some time out to review my skill set and put my creative skills to use. This included looking into how I could improve my communication and computer skills.

I feel as though I have now improved to the extent where I can start my own first blog here with more confidence. I'm always seeking new ideas to keep improving myself and realize my true potential.

This blog will be the latest project amongst others that I have and continue to be involved in. For information about these other projects, please read on.

Podcast Project: Stephen's Evolution Podcast

My related podcast, features solo conversations focused on personal reflections and insights related to my journey and evolution with autism.

Join me as I explore various aspects of life through the lens of autism, delving into topics such as self-discovery, navigating challenges, celebrating achievements, and embracing individuality. Through this podcast I offer a window into the unique experiences and perspectives of living with autism.

Tune in regularly to the Stephen's Evolution Podcast for new episodes where I share stories, offer perspectives, and provide inspiration for listeners who may be on similar paths. Whether you're seeking understanding, connection, or simply a moment of reflection, this podcast is here to accompany you on your journey.

Stay tuned for updates, episode releases, and more as I continue to share personal insights and experiences through my podcast. I release episodes every 2 weeks.

Introducing My Poetry Section: A Sneak Peek into My Planned Book

Exciting news! I'm also thrilled to introduce a brand new category to my blog: Poetry. This section will feature a selection of poems from my planned book, set to release next year.

In celebration of this leap year(2024), the book will contain 366 poems—one for each day. Meanwhile, I'm delighted to offer you a sneak peek into this collection, showcasing a variety of themes, emotions, and reflections that reflect my personal journey and evolution with autism.

Stay tuned as I'll be sharing excerpts and insights from our forthcoming book, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of language and imagination. Join me on this poetic journey, as I aim to explore the depths of expression, offering a unique perspective on the human experience.

The Chaos De-Techtors &  Peace Raiders

This is a series where protagonists and antagonists use gadgets pieced together using related technologies in a battle of peace and tranquility against powers of chaos and destruction. The series of short stories here are where, in a distant solar system, a green planet named Zecuritron, dedicated to peacemaking, finds itself under threat from a red planet of chaos named Warsatron.

It is down to three inhabitants to defend the planet Zecuritron against the Peace Raiders behind the powers of chaos’s bid to take over peacemaking.

Do you want to learn a Moo Language?

Through my interests in languages, improvements in my language flexibility, animals, and the sounds they make, I came up with an idea for short stories here. They will be about animals who talk by saying words rhyming with their respective sounds. They’ll also consist of characters in the stories who will be able to talk to them, keen to put their animal language skills to the test. This story series, along with the one above, is yet to be put out into the public domain.

My own Coronavirus model.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I saw it as an opportunity to improve my knowledge of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are computer software which can be used to carry out certain calculations depending on your requirements.

I've been building my own model for the pandemic, helping me to gain some knowledge of programming in spreadsheets. My model shows patterns of cases, deaths, and mortality rates for the UK. It is also set up to calculate predictions for future dates of cases, deaths, mortality, and vaccination rates based on certain trends.


Over the last several years I’ve developed a new interest in taking photos of nature-related subjects.  These include unexpected patterns and colours created by the clouds and sunshine against the sky themselves. It's given me the opportunity to learn how to add special effects using graphics software, like making some photos resemble paintings. You can find access to my weather photos here.

In the Autumn the sunsets can be quite eye-catching, especially with clouds glowing orange, followed by a fiery red with slight shades of pink as the sun falls further and further below the horizon. You can find them here.

When we go from the Summer to the Autumn you will also notice the leaves can change from green to golden brown, yellow and maybe red, or a mixture of colours. See my autumn-coloured photos here.

The mixture of colours I found with my photos of autumn leaves and skies closely remind me of the rainbow. And colour variety can be representative of the range of abilities of those of us on the autistic spectrum.

Diversity reminds us all of this and to recognise and respect everyone regardless of any differences not limited to race, gender, religious beliefs, age, or physical and mental abilities. For me, neurodiversity can remind us that we are all unique in our own right and that everything is a result of nature. And it is also a reminder to us that there can be benefits of such differences. 

Whichever way I think about it now, if everything and everybody were exactly the same, the world wouldn't be very interesting. Variety is very important. It helps me to be more accepting of what and who I am, and the world in general what it is.


I have also taken an interest in selling sport shirts and other related sportswear alongside taking photographs. It's given me an opportunity to learn how to photograph items and write product descriptions for prospective buyers to bid on.

It is also here where I've also been involved in creating an inventory database of items to be sold. It was a matter of visiting No coding was required, making the whole setup very intuitive.



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