May 28, 2024
Mastering the Art of Figurative Language for the Autistic Mind

Understanding language is akin to unravelling a tapestry, intricate and complex, especially when it comes to the world of idioms and metaphors. For individuals on the autism spectrum, these phrases can be more than a mere challenge. They can be a confounding labyrinth of words that defy literal interpretation. In this episode of my podcast, […]

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May 14, 2024
Embracing the Challenges and Beauty of Autism

Understanding autism and the varied experiences of those living on the spectrum is not just essential for inclusion; it's a celebration of the human experience in all its diversity. In my latest podcast episode, "Journey Through My Spectrum: Embracing the Challenge and Beauty of Autism," I dive into examples my personal narratives that I believe […]

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May 3, 2024
Unravelling the Language of Numbers and Patterns

Mathematics often feels like a subject confined to the classroom. For me it's a vivid language that colours every aspect of life. In my latest podcast episode, being on the autism spectrum, I share my unique perspective on how numbers and patterns shape my understanding of the world. From the visual appeal of fractions to […]

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