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Stephen McHugh
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March 19, 2024
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Step into the realm of Exploration & Discovery, where poetry serves as a vessel for my evolution alongside autism. Each verse reflects my journey of self-discovery, navigating the uncharted territories of life with autism as my guide. Join me as I unravel the depths of existence and embrace the beauty of diversity.


Unravelling Depths - Journeying Through Diversity's Tapestry

Plenty of depths to explore,
With lots to restore.
Come with me and let’s travel,
Unknown mysteries to unravel

We can find our peak,
In our own right, we are unique.
What’s there for one to recover?
Hidden treasures to discover

Have a look in the space.
Differences there to embrace,
Depths for one to try and understand,
Horizons where there’s room to expand. 

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