Welcome to the "Guess the Tree" Challenge!

Stephen McHugh
This post was last updated on
October 17, 2023

A Fun Exploration of Nature and Community

Join me in celebrating the beauty of trees and the power of community engagement! The "Guess the Tree" challenge is all about having fun, making connections, and deepening our appreciation for the wonders of nature.

What's the Challenge?

Every Saturday, I'll present a captivating photo of a tree from nature's treasure trove. Your mission: guess the type of tree! It's not a competition; it's all in good fun. The answer will be revealed next Saturday.

Why Trees?

As someone on the autism spectrum with a keen interest in the natural world, trees have always been a source of wonder and inspiration. I'm exploring the beauty of trees and their significance in our lives.

Join the Fun!

I invite everyone to participate, share your guesses, and immerse yourself in the world of trees and community connection. It's a safe and inclusive space for all.

Connect and Share

Use the hashtag #GuessTheTreeSaturdays to share your guesses and photos, connect with fellow nature enthusiasts, and be a part of our growing community.

Upcoming Challenges

Check the schedule for upcoming challenges, plan your participation, and get ready for more tree-themed fun.

Let's celebrate nature, embrace our unique perspectives, and come together as a community!


Guess the tree - Challenge 1

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