Gardening for Growth: Cultivating Plants and Life Lessons

Stephen McHugh
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August 9, 2023
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Summer can be an ideal time for getting outdoors, and enjoying any warm weather and longer days. It is also a time when people go on holidays. Having said that, there are worthwhile activities that can be done around the boundaries of our homes. Below are some ideas for getting children involved in gardening activities

Garden maintenance

Children can carry out gardening activities with adult supervision. Summer is known to be the height of the growing season. I remember mowing the lawn on occasions before the age of 10. So yes, it can offer opportunities to get some exercise and out into the fresh air.  

Being given the opportunity to water and care for plants can highlight the fact that water, along with sunlight, is essential for growth and life to thrive.

Growing own vegetables

Two of my grandparents would grow potatoes and vegetables in their gardens, and helped on occasions with digging them up. This can give an insight into how one can be more environmentally friendly. Some people are known to grow their own vegetables in allotments.

When you’re buying potatoes, vegetables and fruits at shops, they’ve likely travelled some distances, contributing more to what’s known as the greenhouse effect.


Any food waste can be thrown into a compost bin. By composting food waste, nitrogen and phosphorus may be present and will help to give the soil nutrients which plants need to grow. This saves compost from going to landfill sites, which are an important source of methane, another greenhouse gas along with carbon dioxide. 

Lawn and hedge clippings, twigs, and leaves can also be added to a compost heap too. As these rot, humus will eventually form, which can be useful for growing plants. You can read my post about reducing our carbon footprint .

And finally

Are you a parent of any autistic child and getting them involved in gardening activities? Do you have any ideas for activities to share than aren't mentioned here?

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