My personal poems of hope

Stephen McHugh
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August 17, 2022
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A new dawn

In the dawn,

a new day is born.

And may the birds who sing

in the morning light, 

mean a spring,

to futures, so bright

and full of delight.


Soaring hopes

As your hope soars,

may my inspiration and positivity,

continue to be yours, 

always opening new doors,

even when it rains and pours.


Reaching for a star

It’s lift off from base,

up into the sky,

so very high,

upping the pace,

as we head into space.

Destination, the moon.


But the moon’s too soon!

Let’s reach for a star,

so very far.

So sit tight,

and let’s rocket

to a future of profit.


At sea,

and later free

Here we are, all at sea,    

all tired and weak.

In waters, very cold,

our futures, look very bleak.

With nothing to hold,

and no time for thinking,

the danger of sinking,

is very real.


But along comes a boat,

finding us, just afloat.     

Towards us the boat steers,

its captain appears,

we ask, “Please can we get back 

to the shore?”

“Yes, sure,” 

replied the captain.


Later the boat docks, 

leaving us safe and free,

after our futures appeared to be, 

on the rocks.


Climbing and flying

to new heights

A venture very tough,

both day and night.

Through the rains,

across the terrains,

smooth and rough,

at times, holding on tight

with all my might.


The summit, seemingly far away.

Many stops still lie along the way.

In great winds I get blown and tossed,

and even become lost.


Later, after climbing up a slope very steep,

I spot a flag in snow very deep,

the last stop.

the mountain top.


I take a look around at what I’ve just achieved,

after the new heights I’ve just reached.

For me it’s a sight hard to be believed,

seeing all the difficult barriers I breached.

For me now, it was a climb

well worth my time.


It’s now time for me to be a flier,

and set my sights even higher.

So I spread my wings,

hoping to achieve even greater things.

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