Tinsel Tapestry: Craft Symmetrical Magic on Your Tree!

Elevate your Christmas tree to new heights with our Tinsel Tapestry activity!  Create a captivating display of colour and symmetry by adorning your tree with lines of shimmering tinsel:

What to Create:
Each line of tinsel showcases a different enchanting colour.
Craft symmetrical shapes on your tree, mirroring each side for a visually harmonious display.

Unleash Your Creativity:
Experiment with shapes like stars, hearts, or abstract patterns.
Watch as your Christmas tree becomes a radiant canvas of tinsel tapestry.

How It Works:
Begin at the bottom with one colour of tinsel.
Each ascending line features a different color, maintaining symmetry.
Shape the tinsel to mirror one side, creating a magical and balanced display.

Ready to Weave Tinsel Magic? 
Then click here to dive into the Tinsel Tapestry activity and transform your Christmas tree into a symmetrical masterpiece! And don’t forget to add a star at the top

Note: Suitable for all ages and abilities. Let the holiday crafting begin! 
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