Two of my blog posts are featured on the website of Immersive Reality. A huge thank you to them for these two opportunities, as they could help my website to potentially reach a wider audience and help more people. You can click on the dates to learn more.

This technology has great potential, especially in terms of having a positive impact on the education of autistic children. Go and check them out in the link above.

25th May 2022
My views on how Immersive Reality could help with the education of autistic children. They are based on how I think this technology may have helped me when I was at school.

16th August 2022
Another post where I talk about how immersive storytelling could have impacted on my education. This post on the immersive reality website also features some of my short idiom stories, based on my ideas to try and make it easier for those with autism to understand idioms.

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