Nativity Symmetry: Craft a Serene Manger Scene! 

Immerse yourself in the magic of the season with our Nativity Symmetry activity! Create a serene manger scene inspired by the Star of Bethlehem:

What to Create:
- Position the Star of Bethlehem at the centre, imagining it as the axis of symmetry.
- Place stars around it at the same level and on opposite sides, creating a celestial embrace.
- Craft a mirrored image below with layers of hay, trees, hills, and elements mirroring each other on the same sides of the symmetry line.

Unleash Your Creativity:
- Enhance the magic by adding stars around the central star, creating a celestial symphony.
- Visualize the scene as if reflected in a celestial mirror, bringing balance and harmony to the nativity.

How It Works:
1. Place the Star of Bethlehem at the centre.
2. Position stars around it symmetrically at the same level on opposite sides.
3. Craft a mirrored scene below with hay layers, trees, hills, and elements mirroring each other.

Ready to Craft Nativity Magic? 
Click here to get started and explore the Nativity Symmetry activity and add some serene magic of the manger scene to life with a touch of celestial symmetry!

Note: Suitable for all ages. Let the nativity creativity shine! 
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