Dazzling Lights Symmetry: Illuminate Your Christmas Tree! 

Transform your Christmas tree into a radiant masterpiece with our Dazzling Lights Symmetry activity! Create a breath-taking display of colour and symmetry by arranging lines of lights in a captivating pattern:

What to Create:
Each line of lights represents a vibrant spectrum of colours.
Arrange lights symmetrically, with each line featuring the same coloured lights horizontally.

Unleash Your Creativity:
Experiment with different colour combinations to achieve a harmonious and festive look.
Watch as your Christmas tree comes alive with a mesmerizing play of lights and symmetry.

How It Works:

1. Start from the bottom with one colour.
2. Each line above features a different colour, maintaining symmetry.
3. Enjoy the stunning visual effect as the lights illuminate your tree in a symphony of colours.

Ready to Light Up Your Holidays? 
Then click here to get stuck into the Dazzling Lights Symmetry activity and turn your Christmas tree into a radiant centre piece! And don’t forget to add a star at the top

Note: Suitable for all ages and abilities. Let the festive magic begin! 
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