Celestial Symmetry: Craft a Starlit Pastoral Scene! 

Embark on a visual journey with our Celestial Symmetry activity! Create a breath-taking scene reminiscent of a starlit night in an open field:

What to Create:
Centre a star at the top of your canvas, imagining it as the axis of symmetry.
Craft a mirrored image below, with shepherds, angels and sheep on opposite sides at the same level, creating a serene pastoral symmetry.

Unleash Your Creativity:
Add twinkling stars to further enhance the celestial ambiance.
Imagine the scene as a reflection in a celestial mirror, maintaining balance and symmetry.

How It Works:
1. Position a star at the top of your canvas.
2. Place shepherds, sheep and angels on opposite sides, mirroring each other for a tranquil pastoral symmetry.
3. Sprinkle additional stars for added celestial charm. You can place them on opposite sides at the same level, creating a celestial symmetry.

Ready to Craft Celestial Harmony? 
Click here and create a starlit masterpiece with a touch of pastoral elegance!

Note: Suitable for all ages. Let the celestial creativity flow! 
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