Baubles in Harmony: Create Symmetrical Elegance! 

Elevate your tree to a new level of elegance with our Baubles in Harmony activity!  Craft a visually pleasing and symmetrical masterpiece using same coloured baubles:

What to Create:
Arrange same coloured baubles on opposite sides of the tree.
Visualize a mirror dividing the tree in half, ensuring balance and symmetry.

Unleash Your Creativity:
Choose a colour palette that suits your festive theme.
Create a mirrored effect by placing baubles at similar heights on each side.

How It Works:
Select a colour for your baubles.
Place identical baubles on one side of the tree.
Mirror the arrangement on the opposite side, maintaining a harmonious and symmetrical look.

Ready to Craft Symmetrical Elegance? 
Then click here and explore the Baubles in Harmony activity and turn your Christmas tree into a masterpiece of balanced beauty! And don’t forget to add a star at the top.

Note: Suitable for all ages and abilities. Let the holiday symmetry begin! 

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