With hope there are possibilities

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August 17, 2022
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A different blog post this week after the last two about climate change. It is one in relation to Remembrance Sunday, 14th November 2021. This is a time when we remember those who died during past wars. And we remember especially their great bravery in making sacrifices to preserve the ways in which we live our lives. To go into detail would require in depth knowledge and research of all the relevant historical facts, and I’m no history expert.

Where there is life there is hopePin

For me, in a way, having autism can feel like you’re at a war of your own.  All the setbacks you have, every testing and unfamiliar situation you encounter, and every time you’re knocked down during the battle. Examples of times when I’ve been knocked down include not scoring as well as I’d hoped in public exams. On each occasion I felt a renewed determination to get back up and achieve better results in my resits. And thinking back to those times gives me the confidence that I can get back up, keep going, and do better if I ever get ‘knocked down’.

On the remembrance programme on 13th November 2021, one song played was ‘You’ll never walk alone’, by Gerry & The Pacemakers. The more I think about it, the more some of the words resonate with me. 

Any tough period I’m going through I compare to myself walking through a storm, being blown and tossed about, and even soaked by the rains. As one may imagine, situations like that must be tough to endure, resembling the chaotic and confusing world it can appear to be for people with autism.

However, the golden sky at the end of the storm is like the sunlight emerging again. This for me, is a sign to never lose hope for the future.  And the sweet silver song of a lark is, for me, one sign of life. And where there is life there is hope. So, always walk on with hope in your heart.

The words, ‘Hold your head up high’, can refer to walking tall, proud and looking confident. I use this to help me feel better about myself, proud of who and what I am, and understand that we are all unique and part of nature. 

And the words, ‘You’ll never walk alone’, I feel can be very reassuring, in that you’ll always find people who’ll be supportive of you getting through your difficult times. 

Nothing grows in your comfort zone

I already know through personal experiences how tough it can be sometimes with autism. This blog, Stephen’s Evolution, is not without its challenges though, sometimes from a technical point of view. It may lead me into unfamiliar situations, and far out of my comfort zone in the future. There is one quote that says your comfort zone may be a beautiful place, but nothing grows there

And it is those who’ve gone to wars, where they were no doubt, going into unfamiliar situations out of their comfort zones in the hope of trying to change the world for the better.

Having said all that, it is through this blog that I hope other people with autism can have a world that is welcoming to them, and more manageable for them too. 

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