Thank your parents for all they've done for you

Stephen McHugh
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August 17, 2022
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A shorter, but special blog post, which I’ve decided to write as my mum has been experiencing difficulties with remembering things for some time. I won’t be disclosing any diagnosis for fear of causing more worry. So, for that reason, if you choose to post any comments, please don’t ask me about anything to do with a medical condition, or the stages of medical conditions. 

I see this as an opportunity to write about the positive influence she had on me during certain periods of my life, particularly in my earlier days of education. 

When I was young, aged around 7, I was diagnosed with autism. Just in case you haven’t read some of my earlier blog posts, it caused me to have language and speech development delays. This, in turn, had an impact on my progress in school and in my education as a whole. My mum came up with ways to help me progress with my reading and writing, which you can find out more about in the links to my earlier posts below. 

Learning to read and write

Being encouraged into reading and writing

She also came up with some activities and other ways to help me better understand mathematical concepts. Read more about them here if you wish.

Other things which she did with me included encouraging me to get started with playing the piano. She once told me about how I'd pretend stripes on settees were musical notes, and that she spotted music ability in me there.  However, I wasn’t exactly the best from a design or drawing point of view. But she once guided me in designing my own garden out of coloured paper and card, with green for the lawn and plants, blue for a pond, and other different colours for flowers. She also worked on two creditable projects for school with me on trees and music, which were two interests of mine, helped by the fact the school agreed on these. Today, I feel like her love of nature and creativity has been passed on to me.

To finish

When we’re living our lives, and have the feeling that everything is going for us, we may wonder what could possibly go wrong. That is, changes that could take place which turn our lives upside down. Such changes may not happen for a long time, or, they may occur in the next few moments, or very gradually over time. So, please, take a moment to tell your parents how much you’ve valued their influence in your life, including any important lessons they may have taught you, cause you just never know what may lie ahead or round the corner.

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