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Hi, and welcome to the Stephen’s Evolution podcast. Thanks for joining me, it’s good to have you. I’m Stephen McHugh, your host. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, a form of autism, aged 7.

A bit more about my project Stephen’s Evolution. It is currently a blog, where I talk about what’s helped me to evolve on the autism spectrum. It has several categories. The education one is the most important one for me.

I have had difficulties associated with being on the autism spectrum, including language and speech development delays. These created problems for me during my school and education days.

Through this podcast, I aim to share what it’s like and been like to live with autism, with the aim of helping others to manage to live with the condition as best they can, including those who may support them, be they in personal or professional capacities.

I hope to be able to help you to recognise, and seek the hopes and joys that can be found in autism, and the values that those with the condition can bring to society.

I have other experiences that I wish to share with you. These are related to my personal interests, relationships with others, faith, worklife, and, to an extent, independent living.

You can find me on twitter, via a link at the footer of my website. Here, you can let me know of your own experiences, including how you’ve managed with the condition yourself. You may even support those with the condition in personal or professional capacities. Why not consider sharing these ways with me. The more we can share, the more help and hope there can be for those with the condition, along with those who support them.

Let me know if you ever find any of the episodes informative and useful. Any why not consider sharing them with others who you believe could benefit from them.

In the meantime, I strongly urge you to create settings, and spaces that may be welcoming to those with autism, along with providing them with opportunities to express themselves. And why not take the time to celebrate their important milestones and achievements with them.

Thanks again for listening to this episode. If you're made it this far, then why not consider subscribing. I plan to release an episode once every 2 weeks. Goodbye for now, and I’ll talk to you all again soon on the episode, when I shall be talking about how you can recognise the signs of autism in a loved one.
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