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Stephen McHugh
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August 19, 2022

At the time of writing this post, it is the summer time here in the UK, and the weather is about to warm up for us. This, of course, increases the likelihood of some of us having barbecues. 

This post is science related, and science is one of my areas of interest. It is also the subject which gives me the chance to express and improve myself,  particularly my communication skills and general understanding. However, not all of you may be keen on science, but there is one area which needs one to pay close attention to.

Gas safetyPin

When using a barbecue to prepare and cook food, the cooking gives off gases. This is safe to do outside. However, if done indoors, then there is the serious risk of a dangerous gas known as carbon monoxide forming, since there will be inadequate ventilation. It is known as the ‘silent killer’. 

But there are other appliances in our home that can release this poisonous gas if  the danger signs are not seen and dealt with promptly.  These include cookers, boilers and fireplaces. 

Having felt inspired from various learning activities I did during my time at junior school I came up with the idea of a crossword in relation to teaching about gas safety.  The number in brackets indicates the number of letters in the word. So I've left a couple of clues for each word.

Carbon Monoxide crossword


6 across. Cooks delicious outdoor dinners for you during warm summer evenings (8). Begins with B.

13 across. Colour of flame indicating danger (6). Begins with O.

11 across. Don’t have 6 across in a …. when holidaying on a campsite (4). Begins with T.

5 across. You can’t taste it, see it, feel it, or hear it. To know whether or not it is there, make sure you have a carbon monoxide …..(5). Begins with A.

10 across. Carbon monoxide can make you feel (5). Begins with D.

3 across. Found in your living room and may contain a fire to help heat the room during the cold dark winter nights (9). Begins with F.


8 down. Found in the kitchen and makes your dinner yummy. (6) Begins with C.

9 down. Have this swept once a year. (7) Begins with C.

6 down. Helps to heat your water for having baths. (6) Begins with B.

12 down. Cars should never have their engines left running in one of these. (6) Begins with G.

7 down. Colour of flame indicating appliance is safe to use. (4) Begins with B.

2 down. Carbon monoxide can give you a bad. (8) Begins with H.

1 down. Make sure this is not blocked.(4) Begins with V.

4 down. Carbon monoxide can also make you feel. (4) Begins with S.

Carbon monoxide crosswordPin

Helping to get one into coding

Those of us with autism can often think in logical ways, making coding an ideal skill area  and interest for further development.   

Technology has moved on a long way since my childhood. There has been more in the way of trying to get children into programming nowadays, especially using block coding. This would have been ideal for me to explore had this been around when I was young.  Find out more about this on this website  here named scratch.

Below is a way regarding how you can use the education of gas safety by giving children an insight into the programming world.


If cooker has blue flame 


cooker is working fine


If cooker has orange flame or sooty stains


Turn off cooker &

alert registered gas safety engineer



If boiler has blue flame


boiler is working fine


If boiler has orange flame

Then stop boiler use &

Alert registered gas safety engineer



If having BBQ


If BBQ is outdoors

 You can continue with BBQ


If BBQ is indoors

Stop BBQ there


Chimney & Fireplace

Enter Today’s date

Enter Date chimney last swept

Today’s date - Date chimney last swept = Last chimney sweep

If Last chimney sweep is greater than 1 year

Then get chimney swept



If car is in garage 


If engine is running

Switch off immediately


Important things like gas safety can be taught by incorporating a child’s interests into them, possibly helping them to develop the skills further. This may prove to be important  in terms of what careers they may wish to pursue. I've just come across this website here of Safety Seymour. It is very informative regarding gas safety. Why not check it out.

I hope you can feel inspired and come up with ideas of your own. 

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