A time for quiet reflection

Stephen McHugh
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August 17, 2022
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A new post, and, something different on this occasion. No doubt, as you're all aware, the coronavirus pandemic has brought about a lot of dramatic changes to our lives. It is also a time for quiet reflection. Think about the millions of families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic. Many people will have lost jobs and livelihoods, and will consequently suffer financially. Furthermore, the outcome of this event may remain unclear for some time to come. And for those of us on the autism spectrum disorder, there will continue to be things like disruptions to routines and increased anxiety. A post on this to come in the next week or so.

"However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there's life there is hope." Stephen Hawking

And right now there is still life and hope in the unfortunate and tragic situation we currently find ourselves in. Amongst all entrepreneurs, and those of us who are creative, there are now opportunities to get those creative juices flowing in moments of quiet reflection.

Hopefully these will be opportunities leading to new ideas, and innovative products and services. And with any new products and services, new businesses can be born. And with these businesses, new job opportunities and growth. During a period like this there is also a chance for communities to get together, and reach out and provide help to those who may need to self-isolate, and others who may be already particularly needy. Ways of doing this can include buying and providing essential items for them.  In addition, having friendly chats over the phone with them can go a long way too. Living in an increasingly technological world can have its benefits in times like this, enabling meetings and all kinds of social gatherings over the internet.


And we mustn’t forget about our wonderful doctors, nurses, and other health workers treating people affected by this terrible outbreak. And of course the fantastic scientists and medical researchers who've helped to develop Covid-19 vaccines in record time to aid our fight against this awful pandemic deserve to be commended too. Below is my personal tribute to all of them.

Everyone of you does very good jobs at all times trying to keep us well, often in difficult circumstances. However, this period is highly likely to have tested you all, and will continue to test all of you to limits you’ve probably never experienced before. This is, quite frankly, for me, the greatest challenge the treating has had to face for a long time. You are doing this while risking your own safety at the same time. We therefore owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

And finally

There is still time for us all to do something together, and be successful on what might well be a long road to recovery. So, we must be prepared to be patient. If we can stay and work together, we will succeed in getting through this. We're all in it together.

Good luck to all, and continue to stay safe.

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