October 8, 2021
Thank your parents for all they've done for you

A shorter, but special blog post, which I’ve decided to write as my mum has been experiencing difficulties with remembering things for some time. I won’t be disclosing any diagnosis for fear of causing more worry. So, for that reason, if you choose to post any comments, please don’t ask me about anything to do […]

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October 1, 2021
Autism and the workplace

Getting into and remaining in employment is a challenge for all of us. There’s the interview stage, establishing and maintaining relationships with colleagues, and clients whose projects we may be working on. Effective communication skills are necessary, so that one can understand what is required of a project. This can all prove especially problematic for […]

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September 23, 2021
What I like about being on the autism spectrum

Being with autism can bring with it difficulties regarding socialising, communication, language and speech development delays. However, as I got older and a better understanding of it, I began to recognise several positive traits to it. The traits that I like about it in relation to my personal circumstances are outlined below. Attention to detail […]

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