June 23, 2021
Learning to read and write with autism

Because of my delayed speech, language development and understanding, I experienced difficulties with reading, writing and comprehension. My vocabulary was also rather limited too. I didn’t really understand that things like nouns were to do with naming things. In addition I didn’t fully appreciate that adjectives were words used for describing people and objects of […]

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May 29, 2021
Short idiom stories

Below will be a series of short stories to try to help those with autism and language and speech development delays understand idioms more easily. I imagine that in each short story a pandemic is taking place. And in each story one character is supposed to guide another in understanding the idioms. Readers are also […]

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May 13, 2021
My personal poems of hope

A new dawn In the dawn, a new day is born. And may the birds who sing in the morning light,  mean a spring, to futures, so bright and full of delight.   Soaring hopes As your hope soars, may my inspiration and positivity, continue to be yours,  always opening new doors, even when it […]

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